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Officers of the Shire of Harvey are aware of the increased community interest in the establishment of a Harvey Men's Shed since the closure of a similar facility operated by South West Community Care (SWCC) at the former Harvey Agricultural School.  This interest has resulted in the incorporation of the Harvey Men’s Shed Inc. in May 2022.
The benefits of developing a Men’s Shed within a rural townsite have been clearly demonstrated and Shire Officers support that outcome for Harvey.  An informal site selection process was carried out with Officers and the newly formed Harvey Men's Shed concluding that a central location adjoining existing or future complimentary uses is desired. Lot 8 is considered to address those expectations.

A recently prepared draft Land Optimisation Strategy identifies Lot 8 as having a higher and best use for residential / mixed use development. That recommendation is not disputed in regard to economic return for the Shire, however, its use for community benefit must also be taken into account.

With that in mind, a less financially driven outcome is recommended and a departure from the traditional peppercorn lease is considered appropriate to avoid future drains on Shire funds to maintain assets.
It is recommended that HMS prepare and submit a business case for Council’s consideration.

In the meantime, Harvey Community groups will support the Harvey Men's Shed until our own facility is built.  We sincerely thank the Rotary Club of Harvey, the Harvey Italian Club and Harvey Lions Club for their financila and / or in-kind support of the Harvey Men's Shed.


Harvey Mens Shed Proposed Site.jpg

Harvey Bowling Club

Harvey Tennis Club

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